Better underwriting benefits lenders and borrowers alike. We invest our analytical horsepower toward ensuring that we have the most accurate underwriting available, keeping the cost of borrowing as low as possible for those for whom it matters most.


Ours is the first platform to employ Adaptive Data Fusion™ – used historically for advanced scientific applications – to transform complex streams of data from multiple sources into meaningful inferences. Because each customer transaction is inherently different, involving a unique purchase, unique variables and a distinct point in time, our platform produces superior results underwriting on a per-transaction basis rather than underwriting based solely on the individual.


Our platform gets smarter and more experienced with new data. With over a million transactions already under our belt, our engine is the smartest around – combining billions of pieces of structured and unstructured data, built by the same people who developed the fraud detection system protecting over 2 billion credit cards worldwide.

We serve consumers in a respectful and ethical way, encouraging responsible behavior to help improve the financial standing of our customers via through our primary brand, Lending Stream.

Lending Stream

Lending Stream provides four to six-month emergency term loans with instant decisions and same-day cash through the internet or mobile devices. Since 2008, Lending Stream has grown to become one of the top five short-term online lenders in the United Kingdom.


Our team is global, stretching from the California coast to the heart of Chennai. We enjoy our diversity, and are bound together by a culture of innovation, intellectual rigor, mentorship, openness, humility and humor. When we built Global Analytics, we knew that we wanted the power of our technology to be used to do something meaningful and positive. As we’ve grown, we’ve used these principles to guide our vision:

Innovate with intellectual rigor

We believe in a culture that solves tomorrow’s high-value problems creatively, strategically and in a way that leverages our analytics advantage.

Invest in People

We’re committed to growing our talent with deep mentorship, and giving them opportunities to step up to big challenges, producing creative, effective leaders with rock-solid business acumen.

Execute with Integrity

It’s not enough just to execute well. We believe in effective execution that responsibly and respectfully serves our customers.

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Chris deBoer
President & CEO
Brian Markworth
Chief Financial Officer
Stuart Driver
VP Compliance
Nallan Suresh
VP Analytics
Mukund Venkatesh
VP and GM India

Board of Directors

Larry Rosenberger
Chairman of the Board
Chris deBoer
Board Member
Jim Feuille
Board Member
Frank Rotman
Board Member
Pete Sinclair
Board Member
Bryan Stolle
Board Member
Nigel Morris
Special Advisor


Global Analytics was formed in 2003 with a vision of creating a world-class analytics company by combining a highly experienced US management team with the best raw talent in India. We were the first to have analytics operations out of India, and our initial team in Chennai included seven engineers eager to create powerful solutions based upon analytics.

We have grown into one of the most capable analytics companies in the world, with over 300 scientists, engineers and business analysts. Our initial vision has evolved to include a clear focus on building solutions that help consumers, merchants and lenders all share in the tremendous value that analytics can create.

December 2003
Krishna Gopinathan and Purna Patnaik found Global Analytics as the first global company to have analytics operations in India.

June 2006
US online lending with joint-venture partners begins.

June 2008
Exit US joint venture with the top two performing portfolios in the industry; joint venture purchased by Stephens’ private equity arm.

October 2008
Lending Stream online lending business goes live in the UK.

May 2009
Global Analytics receives first institutional investment.

February 2010
Our 250th employee joins the company.

May 2011
Lending Stream serves its 100,000th customer.

January 2012
Global Analytics launches its new global brand: Zebit.

October 2012
Delhi office opens.

November 2013
We made our 700,000th loan.

March 2014 joins the Global Analytics family of brands.


QED Investors
Strategic Partners
Mohr Davidow
Strategic Partners
Leapfrog Ventures
Strategic Partners
Crosslink Capital
Strategic Partners

Wisteria Grange Barn
Pikes End, Pinner
London, United Kingdom, HA5 2EX

4250 Executive Square, Suite 101
La Jolla, CA 92037

Pacifica Tech Park,
101A, First Floor,
23, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Navallur,
Chennai, India – 603 103

Plot No.1 (7th Floor), Sector 16-A

Film city, Noida – 201 301


Our offices in San Diego, Delhi, Chennai and Greater London give us presence around the globe, enabling us to grow a business independent of location and time zone.


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