By Aarthy S.

I was happy to start my career at GA as a Test Engineer in November 2014 after having worked at Amazon as a Retail Business Associate. Joining GA and working as a Test Engineer was a challenging and fun-filled experience, with a steep learning curve. However, my personal aspiration was to be in a role where I would be closely involved with the business team.

About six months into my time at GA, I saw an opening on the UX team through the Raise Your Hand program. I was super excited! The roles and responsibilities outlined for the position made me feel like I found the perfect stepping stone for my desired career path. I did not want to miss this chance!

Even though I was still relatively new to my career at GA, my aspirations were acknowledged, and I was allowed to “Raise My Hand” for the UX position. The interview process was very challenging as I had to go through a series of interviews with various members of the UX team. I was on cloud nine when I heard that I got selected for the position.

With the support from the Testing team, my transition to the new role was smooth. The UX team was very welcoming. I would say this team shift through Raise Your Hand is one of the most important turning points in my career so far!