By Annie Greenberg

As I prepared for my first trip to India, I had two goals in mind:

  1. Learn what everyone on the marketing team does
  2. Prove that not all Americans are afraid of spicy foods

I’m happy to report my trip was a success on all fronts!

First off – it’s amazing what you can learn when you simply ask: What exactly do you do? As part of a global company, I think we’re all a bit guilty in having only a nominal knowledge of what some of our peers work on every day. When coworkers aren’t in the same building – or the same continent – you miss out on the normal getting-to-know-you opportunities.

After spending a couple weeks working with the Chennai team, I learned that Saurav has vast experience with all things digital and UX; Varsha is passionate about finding ways for retention and social to work together; GK is a master of project organization; Kamal and Jeevan are some of the most customer-centric guys you’ll ever meet; Senthil, Bharti and Vishwan know pretty much everything going on in the UK financial market; one of the many reasons Reena and I get along so well is that we share the same birthday; that there’s no better negotiating duo than Mukund and Sonakshi; and much, much more. I hope everyone managed to learn a bit more about what I do as well, whether it’s why I’m fighting for more SEO content or completely rethinking the way we do social media.

Finally, as a former Zomato employee, I was beyond excited to try authentic Indian food. Even though I’m convinced most of the restaurants were afraid to really make it spicy when I said I could take it, I did get some delicious meals. My favorites would have to be the home-cooked treats from Sonakshi, Bharti and Saurav (via Sunanda). And I couldn’t leave without some chaat – I’m still dreaming about the raj kachori.

I left feeling like I have a firm handle on the business operations – and that I’ve started some real friendships. Until next time…